Edmonton Collision Reporting Centre

So, you’ve had a motor vehicle accident. You’ve exchanged contact and insurance information with the other driver at the scene of the accident, taken pictures of the damage, and spoken to any witnesses. You’ve noted anything important about the scene. The vehicles involved are driveable, and thankfully nobody needs an ambulance. You’ve called the police, but they’ve told you that they aren’t going to attend the scene, and you need to file a report. If the accident happened within the City of Edmonton, that used to mean going to a police station to file a report. Starting on September 29, 2022, that will no longer be the case.

What’s changed?

The Edmonton Police Service will no longer accept collision reports at the front counters of their police stations. They have partnered with a company, Accident Support Services International, to operate two collision reporting centers for motor vehicle accidents within the city limits. The staff at these centers help motorists complete the paperwork to create a police report.

Who can go to a collision reporting centre?

Anyone who has been involved in a collision within the city limits where the damage to all vehicles is over $2,000 can file a report at one of the collision reporting centres. Failing to do so could result in getting a $405 fine.

What if the damage is under $2,000 or I don’t know how much it is?

If the damage to all the vehicles involved is under $2,000, then the collision does not need to be reported. If you are unsure about know how much the damage is, you can get an estimate done at a body shop. If the total estimate of the damage to all vehicles is above $2,000, it needs to be reported at a collision reporting centre.

When do the police attend the scene of a collision?

The police don’t attend the scene of every collision – that would be impossible. This hasn’t changed with the new reporting centres. The police only attend in certain cases, like when there is a fatality or serious personal injury, and the injured person goes to the hospital. They will also attend if criminal activity is involved, like in the case of an impaired driver, or if the collision involves a stolen car, an uninsured or suspended driver, or dangerous goods.

It is still very important that you call the police from the scene of the accident and describe what happened. They will determine if police officers need to attend the scene or advise you to go to a collision reporting centre.

 Where are the new centres?

The North collision reporting centre is located at 15750 116 Avenue NW.

The South collision reporting centre is located at 5805 87 A Street NW.

What do I do next?

After you’ve visited the collision reporting centre, it is important that you seek medical treatment. Self-monitor and visit your doctor to get checked as soon as possible. You also need to report the accident to your own insurance company, and open a Section B file with them to access accident benefits. Finally, consult a lawyer to discuss your claim. Hiring a personal injury lawyer ensures you get the treatment you need to recover, and fair compensation for your injuries.

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For further information about the new collision reporting centres, visit the Accident Support Services website.

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