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Avoid these 4 common mistakes when involved in a car accident
There are tens of thousands of car accidents or motor vehicle collisions across Alberta every year.

Causes range from distracted driving, excessive speeding, intoxication and drivers not taking precautions for road and
weather conditions.

Many would argue that, although we use the term “accident” when harm and damage are unintentional, the term can also minimize the negligence that could have prevented serious injury and loss.

At Moustarah & Company, we are strongly dedicated to helping those who have experienced pain, suffering and damage due to a car accident. If you have been involved in a collision, there are some common mistakes to avoid that can ensure you receive just and complete compensation for your injuries and losses.

Mistake #1 – Leaving the scene and failing to report to the police
There are several situations where you must never leave the scene of a car accident until the police arrive.

Another driver may insist the accident is not worth involving insurance or the police. They may offer to pay you for damages out of pocket. You may also be tempted to leave if you are not aware of situations that legally require you to contact the police. Demerits, fines and even possible jail time can result if you fail to report a car
accident when the following situations apply:

Suspected intoxication
Laws have been violated
Someone is injured
A hit and run has occurred
Property damage exceeds $2000

Respond in a way that is both safe and legal. Call 911 immediately if there are injuries. When safe to do so,
move vehicles and persons out of the way of traffic to avoid further risk. Use hazard lights or cones to alert
other drivers if possible and stay in a safe place until the police arrive.

Mistake #2 Waiting to seek medical attention
The full impact of injuries is not always present immediately. What first appears to be minor injuries can worsen
as days go on. Do not refuse medical attention if offered at the scene and see a doctor within 24 hours even if
you feel your injuries are minor. Obtaining proper medical records can be key to receiving full compensation
for your injuries. Monitor your injuries carefully in the coming weeks. If symptoms seem to be worsening,
follow up with any health practitioners you are seeing (e.g. doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist). You can
further protect yourself by following your medical care team’s instructions. Don’t give an insurance company or
an opposing lawyer anything that can be used against you in a personal injury claim.

Mistake #3 Making statements at the scene, to insurance companies and online that you regret laterThe shock of a car accident may cause you to say things you may think twice about later. If the other driver is
debating fault with you, it is best to stay calm and not engage. It is important to notify your insurance company
but do not be baited into admitting fault. Stick with the facts and details only. Avoid discussing details of your
car accident and injuries on social media. Again, it is not worth having your words misinterpreted and used
against you if you choose to proceed with a personal injury claim.

Mistake #4 Trusting details to memory – use photos!
It is helpful to take notes of the situation but photographing is the best option. Certainly, don’t leave things to
memory. When you have been in a car accident your recall can be very inaccurate. When obtaining the other
driver’s insurance information or contact info of witnesses do not just write it down. Verify the names, numbers
and addresses and take photos in case your notes are lost. There is no such thing as too many photos of the
accident. Take as many photos from as many angles as possible. If you are injured and someone can assist
you with this task, let them help you.

Put Moustarah & Company’s legal expertise to work for you

If you have been injured as a result of a car accident in Alberta, Moustarah & Company will provide you with
the experienced legal support needed. Our Edmonton-based lawyers are committed to helping those suffering
from personal injury due to car accidents, motorcycle and other motor vehicle collisions find fair compensation.
Our approach is always to put the client’s needs first as we navigate the details of your case. The stress of
dealing with personal injuries and other losses can be eased when you have a qualified legal advocate on your
side. Our skilled and experienced personal injury legal team has successfully settled countless car accident
cases both in and out of court. We are confident we can do the same for you.

The benefits of legal advice

A personal injury lawyer works for you and advocates for your best interest. Health benefits and
vehicle insurance policies are often not enough to overcome the losses experienced due to a car
accident. Your insurance company’s best interests are to do what benefits the insurance company.
Therefore, they will look for opportunities to extend the minimal payout possible within your policy plan.
The legal approach looks for the maximum compensation possible based on the unique circumstances
of your case.

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows that both compassion and expertise are essential for their
client. Having a skilled person managing your claim while you focus on recovery can alleviate a great
deal of stress. Your lawyer can deal with insurance company requests on your behalf and acquire the
records needed to build a successful claim.

Having solid legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in car accident injury can also guide you
through every step of your journey. New evidence may come to light or the impact of injuries may take
time to fully understand. Having someone who can protect your interests along the way and guide you
away from anything that would hinder your claim can be a significant advantage. A personal injury
lawyer will ensure you and your family’s future are protected.


I’m worried that I said or did something after my car accident that could jeopardize my right to compensation.
Or, I was too injured to document and gather the details accurately. What should I do?

First of all, don’t worry! Call a lawyer as soon as you are medically capable of doing so. You do not have to
wait, and you shouldn’t. We can deal with the insurance company on your behalf and have the skills and ability
to acquire the necessary documentation. The sooner you contact our office the sooner we can gather evidence
and medical records to build your case. Many personal injury claims can still be made within 2 years but your
case may be stronger if you have legal guidance from the beginning.

Do I need anything before contacting Moustarah & Company for a

We are here to help anytime and you are not required to take any steps prior to contacting us. However, to make the most of your free consultation with our office, you may want to bring:

Any photos or written records of damages to the vehicle, property or injuries
A list of any medical professionals who are supporting your recovery
A collision report from your car accident otherwise this can be obtained from the police station by the lawyer.
Names of any insurance companies involved in the car accident

Consultations with our team of personal injury lawyers are:
– Private
– No Charge
– Risk-Free – no payment until your claim is settled

If you have been injured in a car accident in Alberta, our team of legal experts is professional, dedicated
and on your side. Call us to book a free consultation today.