Highlights of the New Emergency Measures Regulations

Under the Emergency Measures Regulations, very recently the Federal Government enacted law aimed at dismantling public assemblies that may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the peace.  This includes public assemblies like blockades that interfere with movement of persons, goods, or trade.  Several penalties, offences, and restrictions have now been enacted for those who participate. Continue Reading

Your Insurance Company Must Act In Good Faith On Your Behalf


Case law and the Alberta Insurance Act state that an insurance company and their insured must each act in good faith and deal fairly with one another. Insurance companies have a right to contest claims as long as they are acting in good faith and are being reasonable. An insured’s duty to act in good faith starts when they apply for insurance coverage and it extends throughout the entire policy. Continue Reading

The New Alberta “NO FAULT” Automobile Insurance Changes Started January 1, 2022 Will NOT Effect Your Personal Injury Claim

Changes to Insurance Law in January of 2022

Last year, the government of Alberta made a few changes to the Insurance Act. One of these changes comes into effect on January 1, 2022. The change will allow for direct compensation for property damage claims, which includes coverage for your vehicle damage, any loss of use of the vehicle, as well as physical objects which are affected inside the vehicle. The new direct compensation law coming into effect has NO EFFECT ON PERSONAL OR COMPENSATION claims to any degree. Continue Reading