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Spinal Cord Injuries: Rebuilding Lives with Legal Support in Edmonton

Suffering a spinal cord injury brings life-altering changes, affecting not only physical strength and sensation but also mental, emotional, and social aspects. At the same time, complete repair remains elusive; treatments and rehabilitation offer hope for restoring independence and managing the discomfort and pain associated with these injuries.

Symptoms of Spinal Cord Injuries

The severity of spinal cord injuries varies, resulting in complete loss of sensation and limb control (total injuries) or discomfort with partial limb control (incomplete injuries). Paralysis resulting from these injuries, known as tetraplegia/quadriplegia or paraplegia, affects different parts of the body.

Such injuries can lead to various symptoms:

  • Loss of movement or altered sensation
  • Impaired bowel or bladder control
  • Reflex activities, spasms, or intense pain
  • Changes in sexual function and fertility
  • Difficulty breathing or clearing lung secretions

Addressing Spinal Cord Injuries

Immediate medical attention is crucial, followed by gathering evidence linked to the injury claim. Details like witness contacts, accident photos, and filing police reports are vital steps to take promptly after a spinal cord injury.
Our skilled spinal cord injury lawyers specialize in building comprehensive cases, conducting essential research, and even assisting with medical expenses during your case.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries encompass several classifications, each with distinct repercussions.

  • Injuries directly impacting the cervical spine (vertebrae C1-C7) can result in full or partial paralysis and sensory loss.
  • Remedying such conditions often involves surgery followed by intensive occupational and physical therapy.
  • Thoracic spine injuries (vertebrae T1-T12) can cause mid-back pain, abdominal discomfort, chest issues, and breathing difficulties.
  • Severe cases may lead to paralysis in the abdomen, legs, or lower back.
  • Lumbar spinal injuries, typically from lower back impacts (e.g., vehicle accidents or falls), can cause leg or hip immobility, affecting bowel/bladder functions and necessitating wheelchair use.
  • Sacral spinal injuries affecting the tailbone can disrupt pelvic organ control, sexual functions, and bowel/bladder management—usually arising from falls on hard surfaces.

Our skilled spinal cord injury lawyers in Edmonton and Alberta can handle your claim if you suffer from these injuries due to negligence. This way, you can focus on your recovery.

Support for Your Loved Ones

If a family member can’t communicate due to a spinal cord injury, reach out to us on their behalf. We aim to secure compensation, ensuring the best long-term care possible.

Navigating Insurance Matters

Avoid the immediate settlement offered by insurance companies that often overlook intricate injury details. Our seasoned personal injury lawyers, with over 20 years of experience, handle insurance negotiations from day one. We fight for proper compensation covering medical expenses and adjusted living costs.

Our Commitment to You

Empathy & Experience

We understand the physical and life-altering impact of accidents. With years of experience, we comprehend the challenges affecting your job, family, and overall well-being.

Setting Legal Standards

We’ve set legal precedents benefiting Edmontonians seeking fair compensation, especially after the 2004 Minor Injury Regulations.


Comprehensive Compensation

Our approach aggressively pursues all eligible forms of compensation, covering various losses beyond pain and suffering, including income loss, expenses, housekeeping, and future care costs.


No Fees Upfront

Access to justice is essential. We only charge fees once you receive your compensation.


Managing Costs

We cover all disbursements, investing in expert reports, litigation, and necessary trials to prove the full extent of your injuries. Our goal is your recovery, providing access to specialists without financial burden.


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Abby Carter
Abby Carter
After my accident I was referred to Moustarah & Company. I have felt nothing but supported and well taken care of. Their team works hard to find you the best possible care and is a player on your side through it all. Terra was amazing in helping me understand the process. Definitely recommend Moustarah & Company!!
Taryn Berndt
Taryn Berndt
Emma was excellent in helping me with my settlement. She is very professional, thorough and diligent with her work. She kept me updated throughout as it wasn't a quick process and gave me her opinion which I relied on for her direction. She worked hard on my file and I trusted her completely.
edmontoncar removal
edmontoncar removal
Moustarah Law office . Honest Service , Friendly Employee , I highly recommend it .
Kevin Girdler
Kevin Girdler
In June of 2021, while waiting at a stop sign, we were rear ended. Over the last 2.5 years we went thru physio, medical procedures etc. Throughout the entire recovery process and through the litigation process, Moustarah & Co treated us like family. They continually kept in contact with us, and answered any questions we had (day and night). Not only did they get us a fair settlement, they were considerate, polite and professional. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for injury lawyers - you won’t be disappointed. We can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication.
I reached out to Moustarah & Company after my face was severely damaged by a laser genesis skin treatment I received at a clinic in Edmonton. Extensive treatments and surgery were required, leaving my face forever altered. Emma Kaiser (and Chady) handled my case, demonstrating excellent responsiveness and communication. Amidst the highly stressful litigation process, Emma excelled in educating me about the proceedings and managing expectations. Facing challenges head-on, she guided me through complexities, making the journey more understandable. Emma and Chady fought tenaciously, ultimately securing the best possible settlement within the confines of Canadian law. Thank you Emma and Chady.
Muhammad Berjak
Muhammad Berjak
Moustarah & Co are by far the hardest working personal injury firm I’ve dealt with—and I’ve dealt with many. I was involved in three motor vehicle accidents in Surrey BC within a matter of months. I had suffered many injuries including fractured bones. The next day after my first accident I called the first company that showed up when I googled injured lawyers in Surrey. Over the phone he was talking very quickly and I felt like he was just trying to get me off the phone. When I told him I was in a cast his tone completely changed and he asked me to go meet him at once. I retained them as my first lawyer. After that initial meeting and having signed me on as a client, I had 0 contact with them. They never told me what to expect, how long the process would take or anything that was relevant to my case. That first day I was still in shock from the accident—I had 2 small children and was injured in a way that may severely affect the rest of my life. I was scared and uncertain as to how this would affect my life. They set me up with a doctor (who was even less caring than them but that’s a story for another day) and never answered one of my calls after that. About 24 months of having 0 contact with the lawyer or his office I decided to email the lawyer with my intention to terminate the contract (he got on the phone very quickly after that email). The next lawyer I retained was very short lived. After signing me he fired me after few months with absolutely no reasoning. At this point I was within a month of my deadline to file my claim. I then came across Moustarah and Co and all my worries were vanquished. I explained to Chady the situation and how I was in an extreme time constraint. He asked for a few days to review the file and would give me an answer if he could take on the file. Much to my relief he took it on and had Amy spearhead the assignment. This file that had been lingering for nearly 3 years was now getting worked on and I was getting calls and emails regularity from both Amy and Chady to keep me in the loop of the entirety of the process. I finally felt comfortable for the first time since my accident. The doctors and therapists that they sent me to were extremely knowledgeable and helped relieve much of my pain and suffering. When it came time to settle the case, Moustarah and co took to battle headfirst and settled the case with a far greater amount than I could have ever expected. I would recommend the team and Moustarah and Co any time and I give them a comfortable 5 star rating. Thank you for your hard work and all you’ve done for my family and I
After i had my accident one of my friend refer me to this injury lawyer, and i did not think twice just go to their office which is the staff are very approachable. They explained everything to me about the process and no doubt i agree. I am very happy with the service makes it very easy for me to settle the problem, everything was great and i can highly recommend this injury lawyer. Thank you so much specially to sir Chady Moustarah. But all the staff who have been helping me sending me emails for an update in my case they are all great. It’s really a huge help for me .
I never thought I needed a lawyer after my major car accident until I spoke with Chady with Moustarah and Company. I worked with Emma throughout the process and she fought for me to get compensated for what I deserved when the car accident happened in 2021. Highly recommended this firm.
Krista DeLuca
Krista DeLuca
Amazing! Professional and kind at all times. 2 car accidents later and I couldn’t have asked for a better firm to represent me. Thank you so much!