Visiting Walk-In Clinics During your Recovery

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Developing an ongoing relationship with your doctor is invaluable, especially during your recovery from an accident. However, finding a family physician has become increasingly difficult for Albertans in recent years, and doctors accepting new patient are almost unheard of. Not having a regular doctor is the norm, and this has led meany people to seek primary care from Medicentres and walk-in clinics.

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Motorcycle Awareness Month

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Motorcycle Safety Tips:

With the weather improving and the sun coming out, many of us are eager to get on the road with our motorcycles. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you must follow good safety practices. Motorcycle accidents have a much higher fatality rate than car accidents since motorcycles don’t offer the same level of protection from airbags and seatbelts. As such, taking precautions can help avoid devastating consequences.

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What happens to my car accident injury claim if I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt

if I Wasn't wearing a seatbeltcan i still claim for personal injury

The everyday reality of seatbelts

Seatbelts are essential. For most of us, tying our seatbelts as soon as we sit down in a car is as second nature as breathing – we almost don’t notice that we even do it.

The reason for this is simple: our Canadian society has widely accepted that wearing a seatbelt helps keep us safe while we ride in a car as a driver or a passenger, because it can entirely prevent, or significantly reduce, any injuries we may have if we were in a car accident.

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The Importance Of Taking Pictures After a Slip and Fall or Any Injury

Personal Injury - Slips and Falls

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Slip and falls happen without warning, yet it may not be obvious what to do when they occur.  Amidst the shock and potential injuries, taking out your phone to take pictures may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, pictures taken after a fall can become your best friend if you need to make a personal injury claim. This includes taking pictures of any hazards at the scene, such as patches of ice or liquid spills, and of any visible injuries you may have suffered. Here are some of the reasons why taking pictures after a slip and fall is of utmost importance:

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How Long Does it Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim in Alberta

Settlement timeline after car accident It can take as little as a few days to several years to settle a car accident claim in Alberta. The main factor that drives the length of time it takes a file to settle a claim in Alberta is how long it takes a person to recover from their injuries. Since each person recovers at a different pace, this is why there is so much variance from one file to the next. Claims in Alberta are typically settled once a person is either fully recovered, or, reaches “maximum medical recovery”, which means the person has recovered as much as they possibly can from their injuries. Generally speaking however, many people recover from their injuries within two years, meaning their claim can be settled around the two-year mark after their accident. This is not set in stone however, and again, as discussed, is entirely circumstantial upon a given person’s experience.

The law on recovery periods

Our Alberta courts have identified that, generally speaking, some injuries are of a lesser nature in that the person injured can expect to be fully recovered from them after a few short months, so long as they are pursuing all the appropriate treatments that are recommended to them by their doctor, such as physio, massage, chiro, and more. However, there are some types of injuries that no matter how well the person is doing in terms of following their recommended treatments, the recovery will still take quite a bit of time – several months or more. See McLean v Parmar for more discussion about “chronic pain” as well as examples of expected recovery times. Additionally, while you are recovering from your injuries, there might be other types of losses you are also experiencing at the same time, that would need to be measured and accounted for with supporting documents or evidence. These could include:
  • Loss of incomefor time off work while you recovered;
  • Loss of income earning capacityif your injuries will permanently impact your ability to work and earn income;
  • Future cost of careif your injuries will require further treatment for the continued foreseeable future after your file settles;
  • Loss of housekeeping capacityfor your lessened ability to keep up with chores, groceries, and other activities of daily living while you recovered;
  • Specialsout-of-pocket costs for items or treatment for the accident that were not already reimbursed to you;
  • and more.
An experienced personal injury lawyer can help handle your claim by taking a proper look at the circumstances of your injury and recovery process to determine how long your file may take to settle, and provide you the advice over what types of claims you may be entitled to. If you have recently been injured in a car accident and are considering seeking compensation, please contact Moustarah & Company today for an initial consultation and to answer any questions you may have.