You never want to think about your child suffering an injury, but if it happens, it is important to be prepared. One way that you can be better prepared is by knowing what your child’s legal rights are in terms of how they can sue if they are injured. While there are many similarities between a personal injury claim for adults and for children, there are also some important differences that you should be aware of if you intend to start a claim for your child. Continue Reading

Medical Treatments during Covid 19 Pandemic: 3 Important Considerations before Travelling for Treatment Outside of Canada

As the COVID-19 cases increase in Alberta, it is becoming more apparent that Alberta’s health-care system is becoming overwhelmed. This makes it difficult for people to access hospital services such as surgeries in a timely manner. According to Alberta Health Services, around 235 surgeries were delayed from late October through to November 2 and around 95 surgeries per week have been postponed since. Considering these delays and other reasons, people have started to look towards treatment in other countries. For some people, it is attractive to treat in other countries because the treatment is possibly faster and cheaper. However, there are three important factors to consider before making the decision to treat outside of Canada. Continue Reading

Changes to Accident Laws in Alberta: How this can affect your personal injury claim

Important changes were made to the law in October of 2020 that will affect your personal injury and vehicle claim in Alberta. These changes were introduced by Finance Minister Travis Toews, through Bill 41 in the Alberta Legislature and will have significant effects on personal injury claims in Alberta. This blog will outline some of the important changes made to the law and what it can mean for you as a claimant in a personal injury claim. Continue Reading

Distracted Driving. Is it only your cell phone?

There are many forms of distracted driving. Many think that distracted driving has to do with the cell phone only. The Traffic Safety Act sets out things that you are not allowed to do while driving and are considered offences under Alberta law.

Traffic Safety Act and Regulation

The following things under Alberta law are considered distractions and are prohibited:

1  Reading or viewing printed material located within the vehicle other than an instrument, gauge, device, or system used to provide information to the individual regarding the various systems or location of the vehicle. Continue Reading