Introduction to Car Insurance – Section B

Accident Benefits (also referred to as Section B coverage) is part of your own policy of car insurance, or the policy of a vehicle owner or driver.

Who is covered by Section B?

Section B may provide coverage for medical expenses and financial losses suffered as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Section B may cover medical expenses and financial losses for the following injured parties:

  • Yourself (the insured owner/operator) of the vehicle;
  • Passengers in your vehicle at the time of the accident;
  • The driver of the vehicle (if someone other than yourself is driving the vehicle with your permission); and,
  • A Pedestrian struck by a vehicle (covered by the vehicle owner’s Section B policy).

What Does Section B cover?

The standard coverage under this part of your insurance policy is set out in the Automobile Accident Benefits Regulations.

Medical expense coverage may include things like:

  • physical therapy,
  • chiropractic treatments,
  • acupuncture services,
  • massage therapy, and
  • TMJ splint therapy.

It is standard for your insurance company to provide you with 21 initial treatments. These are often used for physiotherapy, massage therapy, or chiropractic treatments. 

Note that there may be $ limits on the coverage for certain types of treatment such as massage therapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic treatment.

If, at the time of the accident, you were employed, you may be entitled to income replacement benefits. The amount will depend on your gross weekly wages. Disability benefits, if you are eligible for them, will only pay out up to a maximum of $400 per week. Loss of wages for the first week post-accident that you were unable to return to work cannot be claimed.


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