The most important thing you can do to help your personal injury claim is to tell your doctor EVERYTHING that is wrong with you after the accident. This includes aches and pains and even emotions that you think cannot possibly be from the accident.

Not only is this important for possible lawsuits or compensation claims, but there may very well be hidden health concerns that you may not be able to detect without a medical and professional assessment.

This advice applies all the time and all through out your personal injury claim. That is why we at Moustarah and Company always advise our client to maintain an open and constant line of communication with their family doctor that is overseeing their injuries after a car accident.

It is just as important to tell your other rehabilitative professionals (Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Medical Specialists, Dentists and Psychologist) about all of your pain and suffering no matter how minor you may think they are. If that pain and suffering occurred after the accident then talk about it and make sure it is noted by the professional that is helping your through it.

If evidence about your injury or pain and suffering does not exist because you did not see a doctor, or if you delayed seeing a doctor, your personal injury claim and proper compensation may be in jeopardy.

Your personal injury lawyer is as good as the evidence that is available. The evidence that is available is as good as you provide them and make them available.  That is the reason why we recommend that you:

Complain, complain, complain!


  • Your doctor can identify what injuries you suffered in the accident, but
  • Your doctor can only treat injuries and conditions you tell them about.
  • The more symptoms that you report to your doctor, the more likely it is that they will correctly diagnose and treat your injuries.
  • Your doctor can refer you to specialists or therapists who can help you recover from your injuries faster.
  • Your doctor takes notes of your symptoms and diagnoses, which are used as evidence of your injuries.
  • It is difficult to prove an injury or symptom that has not been reported to a doctor.
  • Insurance companies and the courts rely on your doctor’s notes to prove your injuries.
  • Your doctor only makes notes of what you tell them, so tell them everything and let the doctors and lawyers determine what was caused by the accident.

A car accident, regardless of whether it is minor or serious, can be overwhelming to deal with. There are many benefits of hiring a lawyer to help with your personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the claims process and help you get the most from your settlement. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Moustarah & Company will assess your claim and work to seek compensation from the at-fault party.

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