Introduction to Your Car Insurance Policy

Under the Traffic Safety Act, Albertans are required to carry car insurance. Many us of purchase and renew our car insurance policy, hoping that we will be fortunate and never have to actually claim against them. But what happens when you are unfortunately involved in an accident? Do you really know what your insurance covers?

There are many different car insurance providers and many different policy add-ons and features to consider. However, there are generally 3 main potential parts to your car insurance policy:

  1. Section A (liability insurance) – this is the part of your policy that would kick in when you are at fault to cover the damage or injuries that you cause (with some exceptions).
  2. Section B (accidents benefits) – this part must be included in your policy by law, and offers you some basic coverage for medical care and disability benefits when you are injured in a car accident regardless of whose fault the accident is (with some exceptions). Section B also covers passengers in your car at the time of the accident.
  3. Section C – this part is optional (and if you have it you have what is called comprehensive coverage), and it is the part of your policy that would pay for damages to your own car if you were involved in an accident (with some exceptions).

If you have been injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, the main parts of your car insurance policy that your personal injury lawyer will be concerned with is your Section B and the other person’s Section A. Together, these two sections of insurance will ideally help to provide you with some coverage for immediate treatments and benefits if you have to take time away from work due to your injuries (your Section B), and ultimately provide you with compensation at the conclusion of your claim for your pain and suffering and other injuries (their Section A).


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