Introduction to Car Insurance – Accidents Caused By A Driver Who Does Not Have Insurance

Car accidents can be stressful and confusing. So, imagine the additional stress and confusion that someone might experience if the driver who caused the accident does not have insurance.

In Alberta, vehicle owner/drivers are required to have insurance. Unfortunately, there are people on our roads driving without insurance. When these people cause accidents and do not have the money to compensate those that they have injured, it can create stress and difficulty for the injured person.

However, there may still be a way for an injured person to get the compensation that they have a right to in law to for their injuries through the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program.

The Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Act creates two different programs: The Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program (“MVAC”) and The Motor Vehicle Accident Recoveries Program (“MVAR”).

What is the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program?

MVAC is designed to offer some protection to people who are injured by uninsured drivers or in hit-and-run accidents. Through this program an injured person can make a claim for compensation for their injuries even though the person who caused the injuries does not have insurance.

What is the Motor Vehicle Accident Recoveries Program?

MVAR collects from an uninsured driver where the province has paid out compensation to the people that the uninsured driver injured. This program means that there may still be some financial consequences for uninsured drivers who injure others. An uninsured driver is therefore not “off the hook” just because MVAC has compensated the injured person for their losses.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Claims involving uninsured drivers can be complex. There may be a number of factors to consider to determine whether the driver who caused your injuries is actually uninsured such that MVAC will become involved. Even in a straightforward uninsured driver situation, MVAC will not become involved in a claim until documents have been filed in court and certain actions have been taken.

A personal injury lawyer can help you to assess the situation, navigate the system, properly preserve and proceed with your claim, and negotiate with MVAC on your behalf to help you get compensation for your injuries when you are hurt by a driver who does not have insurance. A personal injury lawyer will be able to draft, file, and arrange service of the proper court documents, and make legally relevant arguments on your behalf.

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