Some Of The Legal Duties And Prerequisites To Driving A Motor Vehicle In Alberta

Legal Duties for driving in Alberta

Vehicle Operator’s Legal Duties and Obligations Under the Alberta Traffic Safety Act

Anyone who drives a vehicle in Alberta must operate the vehicle in accordance with the Alberta Traffic Safety Act. Vehicle operators who fail to follow the rules of the Traffic Safety Act may be subject to fines or other penalties. Some of the important legal requirements expected from all vehicle operators in Alberta include having a valid Operator’s License, insurance and registration.

When an accident occurs, all parties involved in the accident have the right to get the insurance and registration information from the other vehicles involved in the accident.

Operator’s License Requirement and Conditions

  • All vehicle operators must have a valid Operator’s License
  • The operator of a vehicle can only operate a vehicle of a class or type authorized under that Person’s class of Operator’s License
  • No vehicle operator can operate a vehicle contrary to any restriction or condition listed on that Person’s Operator’s License
  • At all times a vehicle operator must have their Operator’s License with them when driving

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Insurance and Registration

Vehicle operators are not permitted to operate a vehicle that does not have valid insurance and registration. Vehicle operators should always have in their possession the vehicle’s registration and insurance when they are driving the vehicle.

The Traffic Safety Act also states that no person shall have a motor vehicle on a highway. This means that no person can park or have in their possession an uninsured vehicle on any public road.

Vehicle Operator’s Obligations under the Traffic Safety Act when an Accident Occurs

When a vehicle operator is involved a collision they must remain at the scene and render reasonable assistance to others if they are able to do so.

If anyone suffers any loss or injury, the vehicle operator must produce and provide the following information to the party who has suffered a loss:

  • Their name, address and phone number
  • Their Operator’s License
  • The Registration for the vehicle
  • The insurance Slip or information for the vehicle

Under the Traffic Safety Act, the vehicle operator also has a legal obligation to give a written statement to the Police regarding how the collision occurred. Failing to give the Police a written statement can result in fines or other penalties.