New Legal Principal On The Connection Between Intoxication And Violence

Supreme Court acquits man high on drugs who violently attacked a stranger

In R v Brown, The Supreme Court of Canada recently acquitted a man who broke into a stranger’s house and assaulted the stranger.  The accused man had voluntarily consumed alcohol and “magic mushrooms”.  He became so intoxicated that he was in a delusional state and had no willed control over his actions.  While in this state, the accused assaulted the female stranger, beating her and causing permanent injuries to her. Continue Reading

Distracted Driving. Is it only your cell phone?

There are many forms of distracted driving. Many think that distracted driving has to do with the cell phone only. The Traffic Safety Act sets out things that you are not allowed to do while driving and are considered offences under Alberta law.

Traffic Safety Act and Regulation

The following things under Alberta law are considered distractions and are prohibited:

1  Reading or viewing printed material located within the vehicle other than an instrument, gauge, device, or system used to provide information to the individual regarding the various systems or location of the vehicle. Continue Reading

Alberta Gives Police More Power

New Police Powers to Seize Vehicles and Impose Fines: Changes to Alberta’s Drinking and Driving Laws

This June a new law was introduced in the Provincial Legislature, called the Provincial Administrative Penalties Act.  It was passed in July and it makes a number of changes to drinking and driving laws, giving additional powers to police. Continue Reading


Temporary suspension of all in-person client meetings

To our valued clients and community,

There is a growing global and local concern around COVID-19 and we are doing our best to assist our health care system by flattening the curve and protecting our clients and all members of our community. THE WELL BEING OF OUR COMMUNITY IS THE MOST IMPORTAT THING TO US. Continue Reading