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Calgary personal injury lawyerThe 2019 Traffic Collision Summary for the City of Calgary reported 44,666 total collisions for the year which included 19 fatal collisions and 2353 injury collisions. This only accounts for Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC’s) within the city limits of Calgary. As the fourth largest population centre in Canada, Calgary also sees extensive commuter traffic from surrounding communities. According to the Alberta Traffic Collision Statistics Summary 2018, the majority of fatal collisions (75.6%) occurred in rural areas.

Causes of Personal Injury in Calgary

calgary injury lawyerExcessive speeding, distracted driving, and impaired driving are often the cause of personal injury related to motor vehicle collisions including accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. If you have suffered a personal injury in Calgary or surrounding areas due to another driver’s carelessness, Moustarah & Company’s highly trained personal injury law team has the right experience and expertise to provide you with the legal advice you need.

Although motor vehicle accidents are a significant cause of personal injury in Calgary, there are many types of personal injury that may entitle an injured person to compensation. If you have experienced a significant personal injury caused by another’s negligence it is important to know your legal rights for any of the following types of claims:

Our compassionate team at Moustarah & Company understands that no price can ever replace a loved one or fully compensate for physical, emotional and psychological pain and suffering. However, recompense for loss can be an essential component of recovery and peace of mind; significant medical expenses, loss of income, and many other impacts will be compensated for with the right legal help.

When your life has been turned upside down, we are here to help set it right.


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What is the legal requirement for a claim to be classified as a personal injury?

In order to be classified as a personal injury, a claim must be able to determine that the harm was caused due to another person’s negligence. Although most people are aware that injury refers to physical harm, a personal injury claim can also include compensation for emotional and psychological harm. Compensation for this type of negligence falls under tort law.

Moustarah & Company has two decades of experience with many different types of injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions and other types of personal injury incidents. We know that no two

incidents are the same and take time with our clients to understand how the legal complexities of personal injury law apply to your situation.

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 Do all types of personal injury qualify for compensation?

 Personal Injury Types

There are extensive categories of injuries that legally qualify for compensation. Qualified legal support can guide you through these exhaustive categories and ensure you understand all your legal rights when you have had life altering injuries. Compensation claims are typically based on an assessment of the types of injuries received and the severity of the injuries. Some example of severe injuries that would commonly be applicable include:

  • Significant loss or limitation of an organ
  • Dismemberment
  • Bone fractures
  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent Scarring
  • Major or Expensive Surgery

calgary injury lawyerWrongful Death Claims

The loss of a loved one in any circumstance can be overwhelming; but when the loss of life was due to negligence it can be particularly traumatising and difficult to reconcile. This type of event is legally classified as wrongful death and family members may claim compensation for the significant impacts that accompany loss of life.

The guidelines in Section 3 of Alberta’s Fatal Accidents Act, state that only the deceased’s spouse, adult independent partner, parent, child or siblings are able to make a wrongful death claim.

What impacts and expenses are compensated for in a personal injury claim?

Many types of financial hardship including unexpected medical expenses associated with personal injury will be accounted for in your claim but additional impacts to your health and quality of life are also considered. Impacts and expenses that may be considered often include:

  • Loss of income
  • Medical expenses including surgery
  • Loss of partner support and companionship
  • Home and vehicle disability accommodations
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional or psychological pain and suffering
  • Diminished quality of life

Only a qualified personal injury lawyer can fully assess all the impacts that are compensated for under the law which is why it is in your best interest to access a free consultation to discuss your potential claim. To receive the full settlement you are entitled to, a competent analysis of all the impacts and expenses related to your injury is required. We care about our clients and consider the impacts they are experiencing now, and may experience in the future, when doing a careful, professional and compassionate assessment of their claim.

I’ve received a settlement offer. Is it too late to consult a personal injury lawyer?

No, it is not too late. Too often personal injury victims feel pressured to sign a settlement offer prior to having a legal assessment of your claim or fully understanding the full medical and other life-altering impacts their injury will have as time goes on. At Moustarah & Company we have the experience and patience to guide you and recommend the proper medical assessments necessary to fully understand your claim and compensation.

It is in your best interest to have a legal expert review the settlement documentation and ensure it does not undervalue the compensation you are legally entitled to before signing anything. Receiving timely legal advice can often save you from financial hardship down the road by identifying areas you (or the insurance company) have overlooked.

A timely settlement offer can seem attractive when you are already experiencing stress and hardship from a personal injury. Unfortunately an insurance company does not work for you and will be looking to offer a quick, seemingly attractive offer to close their claim. Our personal injury lawyers are

working for you, walking along your legal journey with you, and diligently considering all the angles of personal injury law to protect you.

Why should you choose Moustarah & Company as your Calgary personal injury law firm?


The team at Moustarah & Company prides ourselves on giving a voice to those who deserve to have their case calgary injury lawyerheard and understood. We are expert negotiators who believe in seeking just compensation for victims of personal injury.

Our clients are not cases or numbers; they are neighbours and persons who we stand beside, support and advise.

Expertise & Experience

For two decades Albertans have looked to Moustarah & Company for expert counsel when experiencing one of the most challenging fights of their life. We fight competently, passionately and successfully for our clients to claim their legal rights.

We have extensive experience both in personal injury law and criminal law. Whether your claim is settled or goes to court, you can rely on both our negotiation and trial experience at every step.

Community & Compassion

We care about our neighbours and the communities we share together. We believe our actions define us more than our words. For this reason, we are dedicated to supporting a number of community organizations and events on an ongoing basis.

We believe empathy and compassion are essential parts of what makes a great lawyer. We approach personal injury with the care and concern it deserves. We recognize each individual’s situation is unique and work closely with our clients. We also provide fluent language support in English, Arabic, French, and Persian (Farsi).

We understand that if you have been a victim of personal injury your focus should be on recovery and not on additional expenses. Until we win or settle your case you will not be charged any legal fees.

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