Visiting Walk-In Clinics During your Recovery

walk in clinics after a motor vehicle accident








Developing an ongoing relationship with your doctor is invaluable, especially during your recovery from an accident. However, finding a family physician has become increasingly difficult for Albertans in recent years, and doctors accepting new patient are almost unheard of. Not having a regular doctor is the norm, and this has led meany people to seek primary care from Medicentres and walk-in clinics.

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traffic ticket edmonton alberta moustarah

When you pursue a personal injury claim against another driver after an accident, you are claiming that this other driver is at fault for the accident, and therefore caused the damage and injuries you suffered as a result. Therefore, in order to be successful in your personal injury claim, you first need to prove (through evidence) that the other driver was at fault for the accident. The question this blog will answer is how traffic and/or criminal charges placed against another driver can help you prove they are at fault for an accident, and how these can be used as part of your personal injury action.


The Importance Of Taking Pictures After a Slip and Fall or Any Injury

Personal Injury - Slips and Falls

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Slip and falls happen without warning, yet it may not be obvious what to do when they occur.  Amidst the shock and potential injuries, taking out your phone to take pictures may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, pictures taken after a fall can become your best friend if you need to make a personal injury claim. This includes taking pictures of any hazards at the scene, such as patches of ice or liquid spills, and of any visible injuries you may have suffered. Here are some of the reasons why taking pictures after a slip and fall is of utmost importance:

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3 Very Important Things To Know Before You Lend Your Car Out

Lending your car and MVA

It is common knowledge that if you give someone permission to drive your vehicle, you will likely be held vicariously liable for any property damage or injury they cause while they have it. But did you know that you also cannot loan your vehicle out with conditions, and that you will still be held responsible for any damages caused by that driver?

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Complain Complain Complain

Tell your doctor

Complaining: It’s Not All Bad

When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, visiting your doctor regularly to report your symptoms is essential to your recovery. This builds the medical evidence of your injuries, which is vital to a personal injury claim. Seeing the doctor to report your injuries as soon as possible after the accident is crucial, but it is also essential to return to provide status updates. This is especially true if the treatment protocol isn’t addressing your injuries, and you aren’t seeing improvements with time.

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