Social media has become a part of everyday life for most people, with one report finding that 94% of online Canadian adults have signed up for at least one social media account. While there are many positives to social media, like staying in touch with friends and family, in a personal injury case, social media can impact your personal injury claim in many negative ways, and not all are obvious. The intention behind this blog post is to point out some of the dangers of social media and how it may seriously impact your personal injury claim in a negative way and also provide you with some easy tips on how to avoid those traps. Continue Reading

Dog Attacks and Bites

When Dogs Attack: Part 1 – Who is Responsible?

In Canada, a dog owner may be liable for injuries their dog inflicts on another person. A person who is attacked by a dog may sue the dog’s owner in law, specifically in tort law. Tort law was created and developed by the courts to address both intentional and unintentional acts that cause injury to another person. Continue Reading